Neko Panda


“How can a panda be a neko?” my friend Fox asked me. Well I’m throwing logic to the wind! The panda outfit comes with two styles of boots, the dress, gloves hat and neko tail and ears. It’s free in pink as a group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The panda lipstick from Flirt is a perfect match for it, cute silly and a bit over the top. My hair is a new release from Tribal Soul’s hair brand Secrets and it comes with a texture change bow. I decorated Fox’s garden with this new Ivy Swing from Zoe’s Garden. He liked it so much he asked me to leave it out. You can choose between standing, sitting or a couples’ pose and the swinging animation can be turned on and off.

Credits –

Hair: [TS] Ruka - Mocha ty!
Lipstick: Flirt - Panda!! ty!
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01 (The Dressing Room)
Skin: (AMD) Kat - Dark - Nitro 2 ty!
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius - Aria
Outfit + Hat + Boots - :Beautiful Dirty Rich: Panda Luv Dress ty! 
Swing: *ZG* Ivy Swing - White Wood ty!
Poses: LAP

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