I think the vampire teeth from Heartsick are perfect. This hairstyle reminds me of a sci fi villian. But I wanted to wear my teeth so…sci fi vampire. My outfit came with bracers and boots but I decided to wear my own robo arms and legs. So really she’s a Cyborgvampire from outerspace.
Hair: A&Y Rex Cyber hair 1st ver. (luckyboard)
Hair Tattoo: Boon vine
Lips and vamp teeth: Heartsick – Vamp Fangs (group gift)
Skin: Vive9 Belle Tan (old not for sale)
Outfit + Sunglasses: Bare Rose – Blue Arms lady
Arms: GW Cybernetic Arms by Groll Greggan
Boots: Kojima Industries
Poses: Tea SoupBackground is the cyber bar, just 1L. Doesn’t come with the star sky orb but it has animated floors and holo stairs. Other neat cyber dollarbies at the shop too…KY-BOX/2221252

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